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About Pecan Haven

Pecan Haven was founded in 2015 and serves as a residential drug and alcohol treatment center for adults focusing on the rehabilitation of persons suffering from substance use, abuse, and dependence. Our facility is located on a secluded 35-acre pecan grove in Monroe, Louisiana. Our goal is to offer a safe place to repair the damage done by substance use, rebuild and reestablish the positive connections which have been severed, and reinforce lasting change through a renewed mindset of compassion, tolerance, and honesty.

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Pecan Haven sits on a secluded 35-acre pecan grove in northeast Louisiana. Our 80-bed facility is designed to accommodate clients in the most comfortable and serene setting.​ It consists of ten, 8-bed cabins that are perfectly set on a large pond where many find it to be the most peaceful place to focus and relax. The facility also encompasses a large multipurpose center that includes a cafeteria, ping-pong table, and several individual group therapy rooms. Pecan Haven also has a tennis court, basketball court, and beach volleyball arena where clients can spend their free time.

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